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React Native Developer Needed

We're looking for a skilled React Native Developer to join our project team temporarily. If you're passionate about mobile development and eager to tackle new challenges, this opportunity is for you!

Project Overview:

Our project is focused on the app that tracks nearby trucks, improving communication and management for drivers, owners, and units, and we need your expertise to help bring it to life. As a React Native Developer, you'll play a key role in building and enhancing our mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms.


  • Master React Native and JavaScript.
  • Build and deploy iOS and Android apps.
  • Excel in teamwork and adapt to project changes.

Joining our team means:

  • Working with skilled professionals in a supportive environment.
  • Getting hands-on experience with the latest tech.
  • Making a big impact in your industry.

How to Apply:

đź“© Join our Discord server for more information.

#JavaScript #ReactJS #ReactNative #MobileApp #Android #iOs


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